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Chameleon Pen - Crimson Red (RD4)

Chameleon Colour Tones Pens are an innovative professional refillable alcohol based marker system, giving you the ability to change the colour tone of your pen. The pens are double ended with a Japanese super soft brush nib at one end and a Japanese Bullet end at the other. The super soft Japanese nib performs more like a paint brush than a marker nib. Its soft fibre structure allows ink to flow beautifully across paper to achieve the smoothest colour blends and transitions. The nibs are replaceable and refills for all colours are available.

Click here to see the You Tube demo of how the pens work.

Price: $13.50 $11.50
Chameleon Pen - Crimson Red (RD4)
Chameleon Pen - Crimson Red (RD4)

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